Late thirties, young family; a fairly normal time to return to the hobby after an early adult ‘inter alia’ I suspect.  I have though dabbled on-and-off in model railways for the past 15 years or so, and over that time have moved towards the more finescale end of the hobby; at least in aspiration if not achievement.  For the past year or so I’ve been trying to actually build some stuff…

I’m originally from central Scotland, and that’s where my main prototype interests lie. At present I seem to be most drawn to the former NBR branch lines south of Edinburgh, in any period from the 20s to the 60s (when they all closed).  Cramped valleys, commuter populations, and heavy industries (paper mills) make for a good mix of traffic in compact stations.

The blog aims to show my slow “experiments” (mucking around) in building some model trains. I’ve found it both interesting and informative to read how others build their layouts, lay their track, weather their stock, etc. So I hope this paltry contribution to the multitude may be of interest to someone, sometime.

Why “Two Bolt Chair”

Because I thought it sounded like a good, railway related, name for a site. For those who don’t know, “chairs” are the things that support the rails, and are “bolted” onto the sleepers. Chairs with two bolts into the sleepers were used by the Great Western. Most other railway companies used three, or four, bolt chairs.

Ironically, though I’ve called the site “Two Bolt Chair”, it currently has nothing Great Western in it at all. It just sounded better than “three, maybe four, bolt chair” for a site title…

I am however now pretty settled in GWR territory, so you never know, two bolt chairs might make an appearance at some point.