A quick repaint…

I’ve not made much modelling progress of late, partly due to lots of work travel, but mainly due to over-committing myself to too many home, club, and 12″-foot projects… and here is one of them, a quick repaint of a small prairie over the past week at Didcot Railway Centre.  The paint on 5572 has badly failed, and needs a repaint.  The “Non-ops” group at Didcot have spent the last week rubbing down, touching in, and glossing up.  Top coats in the next few days should see the green finished — today’s ‘malachite’ is just the undercoat 🙂

Now I just need to finish off some club projects (signals and turntable control) through and get on with some actual modelling…



True scale

When you need 5/8″ BSW bolts, it’s probably not a model…  Spent today crawling around the front of 6023 (King Edward II) bolting on various bits as she warmed up. Ready for some tests runs later in the afternoon, she looked great thumping up and down the demonstration line at Didcot – and there was even room on the footplate for a few guests 🙂


6023 ready to face the world