Slated for completion…

The roof(s) for the first building on Junction Dock have taken several months of occasional evenings – but are now pretty much done. I did want to emulate the rather rough ‘Scottish slates’ often found in the area. I’m not sure I managed that really, but I’m fairly pleased with the end result anyway.

The slates are made from 80gsm paper, painted with a grey mix of emulsion and acrylic paint, before being ‘nicked’ every 4mm and cut into strips. This gave a nice subtle variation to the slate colours, as well as some light relief to the surface. The strips were then stuck onto a card sub-roof with either spraymount (easy and clean, but more prone to lifting during weathering) or dilute PVA (a bit messier/slower, but STUCK). For future, I’ll be using the PVA approach, as not much looks worse than a bubbly roof.


Paper slates weathered. The camera close-up is a cruel mistress.

Once stuck on, the roof is given a light weathering/colouring with artists acrylics. Having spent the last few months obsessively looking at slate roofs, I’m surprised by the amount and strength of ‘weathering’ in the prototype. I’ve stuck to a bit of yellow-green lichen at the top, with darker streaks at random down the roof. The occassional purple patch happens too — no idea what causes that in real life!?! You can compared the effect of the weathering in the photo below.

The flashing is from the scalescenes range. Gutters and down-pipes (aka rones in Scotland) still to add.  However, three pitched roofs mostly done, and only another two (much bigger!) ones to go for the layout.


Goods shed and office for the right-hand-side of the layout

The building overall still needs a bit of work. The ‘office’ on the right needs door handles, a light, and most critically an improved main window — not to mention chimney pots on top of the stacks!  I used the ‘scene setters’ glazing bars for the three narrow windows. I was very impressed with the effect — but it does rather show up my home-made efforts on the main window. So that now needs replacing before I stick the front panel on. The roof still isn’t weathered or stuck down either. The goods shed itself still needs a door, some weathering, and some indication that another shed was once attached to the front — some aged timber ‘joists’ perhaps.  The rather odd shape at the back is where the back-scence cuts through the building. Hoping it won’t look too weird when done!

Might be a while before I get round to that though, as I have a bunch of signals due for the club layout, and the kids want a roundy-round working. Decidely not finescale, but distinctly fun 🙂

So first building slated — but completion, who knows when!?


Work In Progress Wednesdays

A very quiet summer from the modeling point of view with work building up to a peak at the end of this month. Most evenings have been spent reading and writing documents, with only the occasional escape to the garage.  I’ve made very slow progress on some buildings for Junction Dock and, somewhat fittingly, a GWR van…  neither is finished yet!


Long distance freight – a half build GWR Mink A in front of a half-built Scottish goods shed

Why do you only notice misaligned brick courses when you take a picture? At least none of the roofs are fixed down yet!  The slate roofing is benefiting from good tips on rmweb.