Fiat Lux

God apparently did it on the first day; it took me 18 months of procrastination — but Junction Dock has some lighting at last.  The main driver of course being the need to weather/colour the buildings under the right lighting.

A double strip of SMD2835 “day white” LEDs are mounted on a strip of wood, itself mounted at 45 degrees to the inner corner of the fascia/roof board. The self-adhesive LED strips are just stuck to the board; but can be mechanically fixed (i.e. zip ties) to the wood if/when the glue starts to fail.  I’ve also left a space up the middle for an RGB strip, if I feel I need to play with the colour balance.


Lighting board with two meters of daylight white SMD2835 LEDs installed

The package (from Ustellar on Amazon) includes a power supply and dimmer. ~50% power seems to be OK to light the layout, so some capacity if I feel it needs to be brighter. I’ve only used 2m of the 5m strip, and I think I might use another meter mounted along the back to ‘flood’ the backscence — the image below shows the shadow of the room lights across the backscene. The beginnings of the kids’ layout lies in front…



A messy Junction Dock under it’s own lighting…